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What Diet Can Prevent Further Diabetes Development

While diabetes symptoms interfere with daily activities and influence normal body functioning, it is inevitable to take all the possible actions to restrict their further development and aggravation.

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Products Rich in Zinc

Products Rich in Zinc For A Health Boost

Generally, zinc is classified as a metal, which serves a vital trace element. Natural cold remedies are usually related to the high concentration of zinc. However, it features a wide range of other positive influences on the organism. Zinc is…

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Influence of Psychological Disorders

Influence of Psychological Disorders on Health Functioning

Stress, anxiety, and worry are a usual part of everyday life, especially if we are talking about women. Such feelings are not just normal; they are frequently beneficial, as they keep the physical and emotional health balanced. However, chronic or…

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Emotional Burnout

Modern Women Suffering from Emotional Burnout

Considering the term ‘burnout’, it is frequently related to overachiever syndrome. People, who are ultimately active and involved in many things get tired, exhausted and emotionally squeezed. Emotional pressure, lots of responsibilities and other routine issues contribute to the development…

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Female Satisfaction

Studies Showed that Penis Size Doesn’t Influence Female Satisfaction

A recent urological study has shown that there is no relation between penis length and orgasm. Generally, there is an assumption that bigger penis is better. However, it is not always true. The results of the investigation revealed that women…

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Reason for Cancer

Working Night Shifts Can Be the Reason for Cancer

A number of health issues can be related to working night shifts, including heart-related conditions, sleep disorders, obesity and sometimes even cancer. According to the results of recent investigations, people who work night shifts have around 20% higher risk of…

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Heart Attacks

Marriage Lowers the Risk of Heart Attacks

Considering the relation between marriage and health benefits, it is difficult to ignore the potential advantage it brings to the cardiovascular system. In general, married people keep their hearts and bodies healthier. Studies prove that the risk of heart-related complications…

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Women Live Longer than Men

Reasons Why Women Live Longer than Men

No doubt, a long life is the desire of each person, but, according to. the statistics, if you are a man, you can expect to live around 5 years less than your wife. But what is the reason for such…

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Breast Cancer

Sausage and Bacon May Trigger Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is defined as a cancer type that appears in the breast cells. It is one of the most common cancers diagnosed in women around the USA and many other countries. According to the statistics, the condition is more…

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Female Genital Mutilation

Female Genital Mutilation Consequences

World Health Organization defines female genital mutilation as any procedure that presupposes total or partial removal of the external genitalia or injury to genital organs for any non-therapeutic reason. Generally, this procedure is carried out mainly on young girls between infancy and 15 years old, before puberty starts. Anyway, FGM is a dangerous tradition that can trigger numerous health disorders and other abnormalities. Such practice is recognized worldwide as a human rights violation. Despite the global decline of the FGM, the occasions still happen, ruining female health, both physical and psychical.

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Ginger Recognized

Ginger Recognized as the Most Useful Spice for Woman’s Health

Ginger has been widely used due to its unique curative properties since ancient times. It is frequently used to dress up meals or salads, in teas and drinks and as a remedy for a range of illnesses. The health benefits of ginger are numerous, but many of them do relate to women’s health.

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