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Regrow Eyebrows

How To Regrow Eyebrows

How to regrow eyebrows? Full and thick eyebrows have been fashionable for several seasons already. If you have thinned them too much over the years, there is only one way to regrow them: don’t touch them for at least a…

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Health And Female Beauty

Thyroid Health And Female Beauty: Is There A Link?

Top skin if you take care of thyroid and intestine

Thyroid and intestines are fundamental organs to give the body the right energy and the correct vital rhythm; their dysfunction causes visible and immediate relapses on the skin. Seasonal changes…

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How Safe Are Lipsticks Really?

Lead in lipsticks and health hazards. The European Union raises the alarm after the withdrawal from the market of some products that contain lead in the formulation, a substance considered toxic, even if taken in low concentrations. The alert was…

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Suppressant Foods

Appetite Suppressant Foods

Mitigating hunger attacks is not easy, especially if they arise suddenly. And yet, it takes very little to increase the sense of satiety and manage them. “A strategy to be adopted, for example, is to limit the consumption of foods…

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Hair Loss

5 Causes of Hair Loss in Women

Hair loss affects 40% of American women, especially as they get older. The age when the first signs of the problem may show themselves is 35 years old. The reason for thinning or receding hair are numerous. Fortunately, knowing the…

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heart disease

What do the doctors recommend for heart disease prevention?

The recipes of a healthy heart are known to many people, yet knowing doesn’t mean doing. So, it’s crucial not only to know about heart disease prophylaxis but to fulfill all the recommendations given by the doctors. Don’t delay your…

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remove stretch marks

How to remove stretch marks – cosmetologist’s advice

Stretch marks are tinted creases that form on the epidermis, particularly in the regions of belly, flanks, thighs, backsides, and breasts. Fair-skinned women are among those most affected by this kind of dermal changes. Known also as striae, they appear…

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Changes in weight

Changes in weight. Is there a reason for concern?

Millions of people in the whole world strive for keeping their weight within the norm. That’s why daily weighing is very important for them. Even half of a gained pound can make they worry about the effectiveness of their diet…

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Healthy Diet

Healthy Diet for Healthy Facial Skin

Nutrition plays a significant role in the overall health and, peculiarly, the condition of the skin. An unhealthy diet is one of the most common reasons for metabolic disorders that lead to significant weight gain and other impairments. However, the…

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Female Belly

Reasons for Female Belly Weight Gain

Slim waistline and flat tummy are the dreams of all women, irrespective of the age and other factors. However, the reality is frequently different, and the vast majority of women fight with excess belly weight throughout their lives. The disorder…

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