Efficacy Of Supplements For Female Pleasure


Are you tired of the routine in your intimate life and strive for changes? Do you want to try something new in bed but are wondering what would suit you personally? Do you have problems in your sexual life or some concerns which stop you from excellent sexual performance? These and many other intimacy questions are answered here.

Sexually Enhancing Supplements

Efficacy Of Supplements For Female Pleasure

Ingredients with curious names, yohimbine, tribulus, muira puama, and remedies from the medieval alchemist, rhino horn powder, shark fin, goat herb in heat. Miracle pills that promise to rekindle sexual desire, ignite women bored from married life or those discouraged…

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Sex Changes After 40

How Sex Changes For Better After 40

Make peace with your hormonal system. In her book “Love And Sex In The Times Of Crisis”, Lydia Cacho writes: “Everything is related to sex and those who say the opposite lie.” Endocrinologists confirm that towards 40, hormones linked to…

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sexual fantasies

10 sexual fantasies that can diversify your married life

Almost all married couples come to the period in their relations when sex loses its importance. It gets more of a habit, and you don’t seem to get as much of positive emotions as you used to. To keep the…

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passionate relations

How to save passionate relations between a man and a woman?

Passion may be called a powerful mechanism that is able to keep people together. Even though passion may be only the first step towards long and strong relationships, its absence may destroy a seemingly loving couple very fast. To preserve…

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sex and age

Age Is Nothing When Love Is at Stake: Sex after 50 Is Real

When people are young, they have neither time nor desire to think about sex and similar issues in older age. However, when you get older, these thoughts appear by themselves. Even though problems may appear, it is necessary to remember…

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Why Do People Need Kisses?

Based on research, it turns out that kissing has a number of physical and mental benefits that are definitely worth it. Read on to get more information about the benefits that you can get when kissing even your friends or…

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Romantic in Bed

How to Stay Romantic in Bed

The first and the most important issue at this point is the fact that any relations get destroyed by time, so they require renovation, some extreme and ultimate approach. No matter if you are a man or a woman, you…

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Seduce a Man

5 Ways to Seduce a Man

The art of seducing goes back to long gone times. Historically, seducing men is an art of geishas, courtesans, royal ladies, etc. Ladies spend a lifetime trying to win a man’s heart, but not everyone is sure about the subtleties.…

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Sexual In Bed

How To Be Sexual In Bed? Several Tips for Wives

It is extremely hard to save a good relationship in terms of sex when there are such enemies as routine, budget planning and other everyday things which slowly decrease desire and might worsen relations between spouses if there is no…

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Spontaneous Sex

Main Rules of Spontaneous Sex

Sometimes routine of an everyday life makes its way into our bedrooms by making our sex lives a part of itself. Soon, what was once referred to as “fun time” becomes something that doesn’t excite, doesn’t please us as it…

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