Menorrhea And Menopause: Better Understanding

menstruation and menopause

This category talks on two important topics of any woman’s life – menstruation and menopause. Find out more about the causes and effects of menopause on the woman’s organism, reasons of amenorrhea, menorrhagia, irregular and skipped periods, menstrual disorders, diagnoses, treatments, hormonal disorders and so on.


Psychological Aspects Of Menopause To Pay Attention To

Menopause is a physiological phase in the life of women, who, around the age of 50, end the menstrual cycle and, consequently, are no longer fertile. This is a stage that all women face and for some it can become…

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Climacteric Syndrome

The Specifics Of Climacteric Syndrome In Women

The climacteric period is the phase of transition (more or less long) that precedes and follows menopause. The climacteric, therefore, is not pathology, but simply a phase of life that has, generally, its onset around 40-50 years, with the pre-menopause,…

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Beauty Rules

Time-Reversing Beauty Rules To Abide By In Climax

During menopause and in the period that precedes it, a woman’s body undergoes a series of internal changes that often reflect on the external appearance, creating understandable disturbances. Without sugar-coating it, with various factors combined, in menopause we change considerably,…

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No menses, but no pregnancy either

Menstruation is a natural process, and when for some reasons a woman doesn’t have menstruation, it becomes a cause for concern. Of course, the first thing that comes to mind of a woman of the reproductive age is pregnancy, yet…

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Sports During Menstruation

What do Doctors Say about Doing Sports During Menstruation?

Pain, cramps, and discomfort during the periods make a lot of women stay home instead of going to the gym. However, doctors have a different opinion on the situation. They strongly recommend keeping to the usual training schedule as sports…

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grey hair

How to take care of the grey hair

To look natural is a trend of several recent years. And what can be more natural than grey hair? Loss of color by the hair follicles is mostly predisposed by the heredity so if your mother turned grey in her…

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Living after menopause

What should one do not to get older. Living after menopause

Climacteric period is marked by a significant lowering of the levels of estrogens, which are the major female sex hormones. The importance of estrogens for a good skin condition cannot be compared with any other human hormone. Under their influence,…

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Symptoms of Premenstrual Syndrome

Period Is Coming: Top 9 Symptoms of Premenstrual Syndrome

As a woman, you, probably, know that menstruation is not the only challenge, as premenstrual syndrome can be even more complicated. Every woman definitely experiences individual processes and symptoms that signal about the upcoming period. However, there is a range…

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Menstrual Odor

Top Methods to Deal with Menstrual Odor

Menstruation is an important phase of the cycle, which is characterized by the blood flow and specific odor. And it is a normal state of things. However, menstruation odor can be exceptionally annoying, creating discomfort for a woman and people…

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Overcome Insomnia

Ways to Overcome Insomnia during Menopause

Menopause and sleepiness are interrelated notions, which occur together in the overwhelming majority of instances. Thus, over 80% of females in their late 30s and 40s addressing the doctor with insomnia actually suffer from the symptoms of perimenopause. On average,…

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