Libido In A Couple: Sexuality Is A Team Sport

Good and sound relationships

Good and sound relationships are as important for health, as regular workout and proper nutrition. If you have problems with the relationships with your beloved one and want to know what’s wrong, how to fix it, why kills a relationship, how to make your marriage work and last, this category will provide the most sufficient information concerning this major topic.

Libido In A Couple

Consciously Improve Your Romantic Relationships

In heterosexual couples, the lack of libido is a frequent complaint of women. Unfortunately, the advice of magazines or friends are often insufficient to “kick-start the engine”. This is not surprising because when we consider in a case by case…

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Emotional Dependence

Finding Your Way Out Of Emotional Dependence

If you have this problem – face it, because you deserve a healthy and adult relationship, without the constraints of anxiety and fear. It could happen if you identify yourself in one of these three cases:

  1. You started a relationship…
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Sexual Harassment

Defend Yourself Against Sexual Harassment At The Workplace

Harassment is a set of undesirable behaviors that are implemented for reasons that have to do with sex and that have the effect or the purpose to violate or harm the dignity of an employee generating a degrading, hostile, intimidating,…

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These Are The Most Common Causes For Divorce

Marriage and divorce statistics in the US

Stress, fatigue, everyday problems lead to quarrels, misunderstandings, discussions, disagreements with a consequent decrease in complicity and libido, which in a couple relationship is the signal that something is wrong. The data speak…

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Strong Relationship

First Date, How to Lay the Foundation of a Strong Relationship?

Going to the first date with a person you like, you have to understand that it can also be your last date if he or she won’t get interested in you. So, if you hope for serious relations in the…

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Strong Family

A Strong Family When You Are Over 50. Recommendations to the Spouses

It’s very difficult not to lose the sparkle between the spouses when they have already spent together about a quarter of a century. Yet numerous examples of happy couples where both spouses have crossed the border of 50 show that…

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Facts about Cuddling

5 Interesting Facts about Cuddling

The scientists have long ago proven that cuddling plays an important role in human life starting with early childhood. It is considered that to grow into an emotionally healthy person, a child needs to be hugged daily. The same thing…

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number of divorced men

Can you fall in love at 45?

The number of divorced men and women who are approaching their 50-s is impressive. According to different statistics, 50% of Americans have gone through the divorce. By the way, the rate of breakups is the lowest in the first-time-married people…

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Passionate Woman

Passionate Woman as a Gift for Any Man

Experiencing some sexual disorders? Cannot feel the desired emotions and satisfaction? Need something new? Find new and revive old ways to get the most out of your intercourse. No matter if the problem is big or small, there are effective…

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Learn to Talk

Learn to Talk to Each Other

When you fall in love, mutual respect, care, and understanding are important. Thus, every partner is working hard to achieve these results. How is it possible? Negotiating and discussing important issues are the key. When people start living together, it…

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