Sex Peculiarities for Women with IUD

The intrauterine device is an effective and approved method of contraception that is implanted into the uterus. Its dependability is guaranteed, so you can forget about birth control pills and other things, like condoms. IUDs are getting ultimately popular, and according to the statistics, over 4 million women get it yearly.

However, while the positive influence on IUD on birth prevention is clear, it is necessary to find out whether it is the same beneficial for sex experience. Doctors claim that a woman should not feel the device or notice it since it is placed in the uterine cavity. Besides, there should not be any problems or discomfort related to IUD during the intercourse.

Sex Peculiarities

Consider top 6 complications and disorders that can occur during sex if you have an IUD and make sure you are ready for it. Learn some peculiarities of sex in case you have an IUD and make the final decision:

  • IUD is not likely to interfere with the sexual desire. Traditionally, all the devices are divided into hormonal and non-hormonal, but neither of them should have a negative impact on your sexual life. The only reasonable difference between these two types is an ability of a hormonal IUD to reduce cramping and bleeding during periods. However, neither of the types should contribute to the decrease of sexual desire.
  • Hotter and more pleasurable sex. You can finally forget about unwanted pregnancy and all the other concerns related to it just enjoying the intercourse instead. Women with an intrauterine device are reported to experience more pleasure from sex than females using common contraceptives.
  • The partner can feel the strings. The strings of the device can be cut straight and at an angle. The latter variant can bring extra inconvenience to the partner, whose penis is rather long and penetrates deep. Therefore, you need to remind your doctor to cut the strings straight in order to eliminate further sex problems.
  • Risk of post-sex bleeding also exists. Women with a hormonal intrauterine device can sometimes experience bleeding during or after the intercourse; it is not common, though.
  • Rough sex cannot dislodge it. Several instances of IUD expulsion have been reported, but they are not usually related to sex.
  • You are free to choose any sex position you want. If properly installed, IUD is not likely to interfere with your feelings during sex.

Published by Evelyn Green