Doctors Recommend Being Naked at Home More Often

Home is the place we associate with comfort. Home is the place where we choose to dress in unrestrained clothes that help us relax and rest. It’s something that just comes to us naturally. As it turns out, our instinct only tries to do us good.

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Doctors seem to be unilateral in their opinion concerning what clothes we ought to wear around the house. They believe that when we’re at home, not wearing any clothes and underwear is the best choice we can make. Something as simple as nudity comes with lots of health benefits. Here are just a few things that you get by being naked at home:

  • You become more comfortable with your own body. By spending time naked you grow accustomed to your body and learn to appreciate it the way it is. You become less self-conscious about it, which elevates your self-esteem and mood.
  • You lessen the chance of developing skin conditions. Sometimes your clothes and underwear block air circulation and make you overheat, causing stuffiness and perspiration. This combination makes your skin more vulnerable to irritation, rash, and bacterial and fungal infections. When you’re naked, your skin gets all the ventilation it needs, as well as a decrease in temperature.
  • If you’re a male, your sperm quality improves. As it was mentioned above, when you ditch your clothes and underwear, your skin temperature decreases. In this case, it is the decrease of temperature in the groin that makes your sperm more fertile.
  • You will sleep better. Your body’s temperature has a significant impact on your sleep. Ever tried sleeping in a hot weather? It takes you forever to fall asleep, and even when that happens, you keep waking up. Sleeping naked addresses this problem by cooling you down, so that you have a better chance of healthy sleep. And healthy sleep, in its turn, is vital for your health since it affects sex drive, weight, mood, energy, and a lot of other things.

Published by Evelyn Green