Relation between Female Libido and Age

Sex related issues have always disturbed people all over the world. Striving to have successful and satisfactory sex intercourses at any age, people are constantly in search of the optimal treatment to enhance libido. However, the initial aim is to find the cause of the disorder, eliminate it and enjoy advantageous feelings. Considering the question of women’s libido and age, it is important to mention that it is a naturally occurring process. Female sexual desires fluctuate with years. Major life changes also contribute to sexual abilities and desires. Thus, pregnancy, illness, menopause and other changes can significantly decrease the desire of a woman to have sex. Certain medications, such as anti-seizure drugs and antidepressants can also aggravate the condition.

The condition features numerous symptoms with the most vivid being:

  • No sexual thought or fantasies;
  • No interest in any sexual activity or its types;
  • No desires.

Possible Causes of Decreased Female Libido

The condition starts bothering with age, but frequently it is just caused by various factors. Since elderly women are more likely to experience underlying health conditions, they are in a risk group of low libido. Usually, the main cause of sexual dysfunction in older women is explained by a significantly decreased estrogen level. Problems with arousal, decreased sex desire, painful intercourses, inability to achieve orgasms and other disorders accompany the main condition. Thus, aging and functional decline that follows can diminish sexual function, preventing older women from satisfying sex. Despite you can use a female sexual enhancer, it’s better to investigate on the source of the issue and get instant solution.

Considering all the possible reasons of condition worsening, it is possible to single out numerous categories of low libido in aged females:

  • Social impacts. Stress, media images of sexuality, problems at work and similar factors may negatively affect the libido;
  • Relationship disorders, emotional impairments, birth of a child, etc. may also influence female desire to have sex;
  • Decreased testosterone level. With age testosterone level is reducing that significantly affects all the sexual functions of both men and women. Thus, till 50s, the testosterone level is quite low that results in lack of any sexual desires;
  • Medical conditions, such as decreased androgen level, cardiovascular problems, low urinary tract symptoms, diabetes and related health disorders.

How to Enjoy Impressive Sex Desire Irrespective of Age

To conclude all the information, you will notice direct relation between the aging process and libido in women. However, the issue is treatable. Cardinal life changes, elimination of everyday stress and depression and medication intake will work wonders in your sexual life. Women’s supplement for libido will help you increase your overall sexuality, boost your desire and speed arousal. Additionally, you will experience satisfactory orgasms, irrespective of your age and health condition.