Psychological Reasons for Low Libido in Women

Sexual desire, libido, and drive are the individual factors that contribute to the quality of sex. Experiencing low sexual desire can impact your relationship and decrease the quality of sexual satisfaction and pleasure. Definitely, it is important to discuss the issue with a partner, but doctor’s consultation can also help you manage the disorders and regain previous enthusiasm.

Low Libido in Women

On average, female’s low libido can have numerous causes, including physical, psychological and hormonal. Today we will discuss two main groups of causes, including:

  • Hormonal. Any, even minor, changes in the female hormone levels can considerably impair the level of sexuality. An ultimate risk of low libido occurrence is expected during the menopausal period as well as pregnancy and lactation. The significant drop in estrogen level during menopause influences the reduction of sexual interest. Considering pregnancy or breastfeeding, in addition to hormonal changes, such issues as changed body image can contribute to the aggravation of sex-related experiences;
  • Psychological. It is, probably, the biggest group of low libido causes. Since sexual arousal and erection depend mainly on psychological processes, the state of your mind can either activate the desired processes or completely block them. The most common problems are related to emotional distress and include previous negative sexual experience, ultimately low self-esteem, stress, depression, anxiety or other mental health aggravations, a history of sexual or physical abuse and others.

According to the medical information, there is another widely-spread reason for decreased libido in women. It is called asexuality. It is a psychological condition when a woman does not experience sexual attraction. Fortunately, all these disorders can be successfully treated with counseling, specific lifestyle changes and medications, if necessary. If you contact your healthcare specialist right the moment you have noticed significant changes in your sexual desire or drive, you have higher chances of fast condition improvement.

Published by Evelyn Green