5 Reasons Why Men Love Curvy Women

It’s no big news some men are crazy about plump and curvy women, and there is a range of reasons for that. Whether it’s the way they look, or the vibe they give off, or the invisible signals they tend to send – those may attract many men looking for something different than a mere slim or beach body topped with six-pack abs.

Reason 1. Younger looks

It may be interesting to know, but curvy ladies tend to look much younger than their skinny counterparts. Extra fat smoothes out wrinkles that girls get when they grow older. So if you want to date a woman who looks much younger than she is, curvy ladies are your choice.

Reason 2. They judge less

Curvy women are less judgmental, and it’s a proven fact. They know what it’s like and how it feels when someone criticizes your appearance or looks and never do it themselves.

Curvy women

Reason 3. More confidence

The amount of confidence they have about their body only makes curvy ladies even more attractive. It’s no secret confidence is an aphrodisiac, and girls of this type have an abundance of it. Many men are just crazy about confident women, and the sex life turns to be much brighter and better.

Reason 4. Better sexual experience

Many guys just love curvy girls for the extra meat that created the extra pushy padding during the night of love. Moreover, they have more areas to explore, have fun with and grab onto, which makes sex even more fun and enhances the overall feeling of satisfaction.

Reason 5. Natural appearance

Men tend to be attracted to plump and curvy girls with wider hips and bigger breasts just because it’s a totally natural appearance. It’s a historical fact that men have always been drawn to those women who look healthy and are healthy enough to give birth to children. So this is the explanation for that instant sexual attraction men feel when they see rounder shapes.

The study conducted by the National Autonomous University of Mexico revealed that men who marry curvy and plump women tend to live longer and are happier than others. Plus-size women feel the needs of their hubbies better, so they do things even before they are asked and make men smile more. Another study concluded that chubby ladies always have a positive attitude towards different issues and are quite submissive.

Published by Evelyn Green