Meaning of Female Odor for Men

If you have got much attention from the opposite sex, do not get confused, it’s natural. It is not about your perfect body, awesome hairstyle or nail polish. The secret is in the body smell. According to the medical information, the body secretes chemicals, which are known as pheromones. They actually play a crucial role in sexual attraction and communication. The vomeronasal organ is located inside the nose, detecting pheromones and passing the information right to the brain.

However, at this point, this question isn’t completely studied, so there is no explanation of what exactly attracts males when it comes to female odor. Females are frequently mistaken thinking that men are getting aroused by the smell of their perfume. Instead, numerous researches showed that the natural odor is significantly more appealing. The results of the investigation discover another impressive tendency: males are more likely to erect if they smell the scent of doughnuts, pumpkin pie, cinnamon rolls or lavender in the air. Nevertheless, keep in mind certain individual preferences of a man in order to achieve the maximal effect.

Female Odor for Men

One of the options available on the market is a special synthetic pheromone spray, which helps mates sniff you out. But, there is no scientific or medical proof of the theory, which means the vast majority of perfumes or related items will remain ineffective.

While a considerable number of women do everything possible to prevent body odor, others are trying hard to keep it. The statistics show that over 70% of women are conscious of the smell they have, so they try to make it brighter or more pleasant with perfumes or synthetic sprays. However, it is inevitable to remember that natural body odor is exceptionally appreciated by males. Despite all being humans, our smells vary greatly, which means females also have various body odors. Thus, males can easily single out a selected woman just by sniffing her body. Avoid diversifying your odor with some perfumes or other supplements since it seems to be useless and doesn’t attract men. Instead, cherish your natural smell and forget about all the related concerns you used to have.

Published by Evelyn Green