Simple Methods of Hair Removal on Face and Body

While hair growth is a normal process of a healthy body functioning, the aesthetic part of the question requires its removal on certain body parts. An overwhelming majority of women are in search of a universal method to remove both body and facial hair with its minimal further regrowth. Since the desired final result may vary a little, the ways to its achievement can also be different.

Hair Removal on Face and Body

However, there are 7 most frequently used and commonly appreciated ways of hair removal, including:

  • Shaving. It is a traditional and time-tested way to get rid of male and female body hair. Males use this method more often, remove facial hair, while females use it mainly for legs and armpits. The process presupposes cutting hair at the surface of the skin, which can lead to even faster hair growth in the future. Thus, this method is not appreciated by those, who need a constant or at least long-lasting effect;
  • Threading and plucking are ultimately useful for eyebrows and lip area hair removal. The experience will take some time, but will be quite effective;
  • Waxing is another approved and time-tested way of permanent hair removal. You can use this method for legs, underarms, and hands. Pimples and rashes can appear in case you use waxing for facial hair removal;
  • Abrasive hair removal is, probably, the cheapest and most natural way to get rid of unwanted body hair;
  • Bikini laser hair removal is ultimately popular nowadays, as it guarantees quality and permanent hair removal. Additionally, you can use this method for hands, arms, legs, and face;
  • Electrolysis is one of the simplest ways of permanent hair reduction. This experience is commonly safe, but it is not advised for females with diabetes or hormonal issues;
  • Bleaching helps to whiten hair, which is a perfect variant for people with dark skin and abnormal facial hair.

Published by Evelyn Green