The Reality of Having a Stressed Partner

Being stressed sucks big time! And it’s worse for who has to put with a stressed out man—whether you want it or not. Truth is when something is bugging him—maybe he had an awful day at work, didn’t make any sale or his team just got kicked out of the champions league, he’s not going to be at his best in the relationship any sooner than you think.

Obviously, you can decide to simply brush it off and wait till the storm is over. But for how long? We have a better way to get around it.

Rub his feet

Giving your man a foot massage is probably not top in the things you do to make him happy, so just offering to do so, makes him see how much you care.

Her tips on how to give a proper foot rub: First, pop a little, sodden washcloth in the microwave for a moment.

Find a cozy spot where you’ll both feel great, and have him rests with his feet in your lap. At that point, use the toasty washcloth to gently scrub his feet.

Whip him up a nice meal

Surprising! It takes as simple as a box of chocolate or butter flavored pops for a stressed girl to cool off. For a man, a hearty stick-to-ribs kind of meal is what gets him.

Roast chicken with pureed potatoes, skillet barbecued rib-eye steak with sautéed spinach, and pasta with a healthy meat sauce and garlic bread.

Stressed Partner

Talk and tuck him to bed

No, you’re not his mom, but if you see him lying on the sofa or dozed off on the couch, toss a cover over him and the sweetest things as you do.

This motherly instinct takes him back to a kidlike place when paying bills or excelling at work never bugged his thoughts.

Help him with a chore

Nobody appreciates pressing shirts, doing clothing, or cleaning the restroom, so if you hop in and do it for him at an especially stressful time, he’ll be unceasingly thankful — particularly since the weight of all the things he needs to do might add to his worries.

Entice him with just-for-you sex

The one thing that’s sure to comfort a man is mind-blowing sexual release.

Unfortunately, he is regularly caught up in making sure up for you climax, he stresses himself out. But sometimes, he will love sex that is just about him and his pleasure.

Published by Evelyn Green