Ginge recognized as the most useful spice for womans health

Ginger has been widely used due to its unique curative properties since ancient times. It is frequently used to dress up meals or salads, in teas and drinks and as a remedy for a range of illnesses. The health benefits of ginger are numerous, but many of them do relate to women’s health.

Top 5 Benefits Women Get When Consuming Ginger

#1. Helps overcome painful menstruation

Most women have experienced these nasty and painful cramps which occur during menstruation. Sometimes they are so strong, that you need to administer painkillers and lie down all day long to ease the condition. However, not many women are aware of this amazing property of ginger root. Just drink ginger tea with lemon or honey 30 minutes before meals regularly, starting from the first day of your cycle and forget about drugs and unbearable pain.

#2. Helps with infertility

Ginger has always been the major component of herbal teas for infertility in the ancient East, as ancient people believed its properties help conceive. Nowadays, the modern medicine cannot confirm this fact, however, traditional healers still recommend ginger tea to women willing to get pregnant, as it tones the uterus and normalizes the level of hormones.


#3. Increases libido

Ginger is a strong aphrodisiac, so regular consumption helps enhance sexual activity and increase libido in women as well as men.

#4. Helps lose excess weight

The most common and favorite property of ginger for women is its assistance in fighting obesity. Ginger tea has to be brewed with lemon or honey and taken 30 minutes before meals, as it speeds up the metabolism, clears the body of toxins and even calms down the feeling of hunger.

#5. Helps reduce morning sickness

In pregnant women, ginger is quite effective in fighting the symptoms of toxicosis, reducing dizziness and vomiting. Moreover, the root contains a wide range of vitamins and minerals that would be essential for a future mother and her child. It is advised to chew a thin slice of ginger in the morning to get the most of it. Note: Doctors do not advise to consume ginger in the third trimester of pregnancy and when breastfeeding.

Published by Evelyn Green