Appetite Suppressant Foods

Mitigating hunger attacks is not easy, especially if they arise suddenly. And yet, it takes very little to increase the sense of satiety and manage them. “A strategy to be adopted, for example, is to limit the consumption of foods particularly rich in fast-absorbing sugars such as leavened bakery products, desserts and snacks. The reason is simple. Excessive intake of simple sugars causes the pancreas to release the hormone insulin, which in turn is responsible for a rapid reduction in blood sugar levels which contributes to the onset of hunger attacks. On the contrary, a diet rich in fibers of which vegetables are whole grains, essential fatty acids contained in large quantities in extra virgin olive oil, in nuts, in oil seeds and in sea fish and the proteins of eggs and meat (lean), allow the control of sugar levels, favoring satiety and eliminating the feeling of hunger” explains Dr. Valentina Schiro, nutritionist biologist specialized in Food Science. But where does one find them? Here are the foods that contain them suggested by the expert.


A handful of almonds is perfect to combat off-hours hunger attacks. “It provides fibers that help keep spikes in blood sugar (blood sugar level) and insulin at bay, which stimulate hunger and promote the accumulation of extra pounds. In addition, it provides essential fatty acids that prolong the sense of satiety,” explains the nutritionist. To take stock of its benefits the expert suggests “to choose natural almonds, without salt and not roasted: they have fewer calories and many more advantages for the figure and health.”

Appetite Suppressant Dried plums

Do you fancy something sweet? Dried plums are the ideal snack to regain strength and satisfy the palate. “Consumed in moderation (not more than 30-40 grams), they supply fiber, which favors the good functioning of the intestine, which is essential for keeping fit and healthy and for fighting hunger attacks”, suggests the nutritionist. “It contains so many fibers that appease the appetite and prolong the sense of satiety, avoiding sudden changes in insulin, responsible for hunger attacks,” explains the nutritionist.


“It provides Omega 3 fats that regulate the metabolism and proteins of high biological value, useful for putting on lean mass (muscles), and favor satiety”, suggests the RD.


Chicory contains lots of water and fibers that promote a sense of fullness. “The fibers in particular slow down the gastric emptying and the absorption of sugars and fats, prolonging satiety,” says Dr. Schiro.

Dark chocolate

A small square of dark chocolate (at least 70%) is ideal for calming the hunger triggered by a bad mood. Dr. Schiro explains: “It provides magnesium, a mineral with relaxing properties and tryptophan, an amino acid precursor of serotonin, the good mood hormone.”

Turkey meat

“It is a good source of proteins of high biological value, which promote satiety and help to pack on lean mass.”


“This fruit consumed in moderation ensures many precious fats for the organism, including Omega 3, which make you feel fuller,” concludes nutritionist Valentina Schiro.

Published by Evelyn Green