Thyroid Health And Female Beauty: Is There A Link?

Top skin if you take care of thyroid and intestine

Thyroid and intestines are fundamental organs to give the body the right energy and the correct vital rhythm; their dysfunction causes visible and immediate relapses on the skin. Seasonal changes and climatic variations have effects on our organism that in May, a month between spring and summer, seems to suffer particularly from this change. The risk is to suffer weakening, metabolic blockages and intoxications that are read immediately on our skin. For this reason it is necessary to help our body adapt to this period of transition, paying particular attention to thyroid and intestine.

How to help thyroid and intestines

It is possible to intervene by using vegetable oils rich in vitamins and essential fatty acids, known for their regenerating, antioxidant and rebalancing virtues. The fatty acids, in fact, have a rejuvenating action on all the organs, including the thyroid, which during the change of season is likely to work slowly. Vitamins, especially E, nourish the tissues, improve metabolic activities and help the intestine eliminate toxins. When the thyroid is correctly stimulated, the intestine also performs its functions correctly: a direct consequence is that the skin also benefits, gaining beauty.

thyroid health and female beauty

Awakens the thyroid with macadamia oil

Macadamia oil is extracted from the fruits of an Australian tree and has a rebalancing and revitalizing power. In addition to protecting from the sun’s rays, it nourishes and tones the skin, restoring its elasticity.

The advice: massage every night, with a teaspoon of pure macadamia oil, the dimple at the base of the neck, at the thyroid. The oil can be used all over the body for a rejuvenating and anti-age massage.

Clean the intestine with the argan

Argan is a shrub that grows in Morocco, produces fruits similar to olives which, when squeezed, produce an ointment very rich in unsaturated fatty acids. Hydrates the cells, reduces wrinkles, nourishes the skin and detoxifies the tissues. By filtering through the epidermis inside the body, or consumed raw on foods, argan oil has a general purifying action.

Published by Evelyn Green