Top Sports for Women

For those women, who are striving to keep the perfect shape and be fit, regular physical activity is number one concern. Of course, your preference and other personal considerations should be taken into account, but there are several sports, which can be useful not only for general physical health but especially for female health.

Here are some of the most helpful and advantageous sports for women:

  • Swimming is an undeniable leader, as it is the best sport for your heart. Besides, it is an ultimately low-stress activity, which can improve your lung capacity, build muscles, keep healthy body weight and burn calories;
  • Tennis is an exclusively active sport that helps burn over 600 calories within an hour. Additionally, this type of sport included slams, pivots, sprints and many other exercises that provide you with extra strength and endurance;
  • Running or jogging. While running is not the best choice of an elderly person, jogging can be a better option. However, women, who are running or jogging regularly, are less likely to have muscle or bone loss. This sport also triggers a significant improvement of physiological and mental health. A considerable endorphin release is stimulated by running:
  • Rowing has been reported to have an endless number of benefits for the health of a woman. This sport presupposes a low risk of injury, effective weight loss, boosted muscle strength and other advantages.
  • Cycling is a low-impact way to burn calories with the pleasant addition of brain training. This activity also contributes to brain volume advancement and overall happiness.
Sports for Women

How to Make Sport Useful?

Going in for sports is a definitely beneficial experience. However, random visits to the gym or once-a-year cycling or swimming will not bring the expected result. Instead, you need to follow certain rules that can turn your preferences into healthy habits:

  • Play sports regularly to achieve high fitness and health goals;
  • Try different sports before you choose one;
  • Find the right motivation that will help you keep your body and mind healthy;
  • Go in for sports you are capable of. There is no use in powerlifting if you cannot lift even 10 kilos;
  • Challenge yourself and achieve some heights.

Going in for a favorite sport, its regular practice and desire are the main components of balanced female physical health and strong mind.

Published by Evelyn Green