How does alcohol affect female sex life?

Despite different kinds of research conducted on the impact of alcohol on female sex life, scientists still cannot come to a common thought as to this issue. A female body can react very differently to the same amount of alcohol, especially when it goes about sexual desire and satisfaction one can get from sex under booze.

What is the female psychological reaction to alcohol?

Based on the data received from the study held at the California School of Professional Psychology, alcohol may work well for the female sexual arousal. When being tipsy, women feel much sexier than when they are sober. Besides, it is thought that women can get more pleasure from intercourse after a glass or two.

It can be explained by an increase in the level of testosterone in the woman’s body under the influence of the spirits. This hormone regulates libido both in males and females. Hence, the more testosterone your body produces, the stronger sexual desire you feel.

alcohol and women’s sex life

What is the physiological response to alcohol?

Several studies have proven that the more alcohol a woman consumes, the worse is the body’s response to the sexual stimulation. The safe border coincides with the maximum allowed concentration of alcohol in the blood for driving – 0.8%.

Any amount of alcohol in blood, which is lower than this figure doesn’t affect the female ability to respond to sexual stimulation. However, the numbers exceeding 0.8% increase the time needed for reaching the climax. What’s more the quality and the duration of an orgasm get significantly lower if compared to the same sensations when sober.

One of the reasons for it is poor lubrication of the vagina, which is natural as alcohol promotes dehydration and thus drying of all the mucous membranes. Besides, alcohol depresses the nervous system, which results in slower response to sexual stimulation.

How can alcohol be dangerous for the female sex life?

Alcohol is a bad choice for the health of any person. Yet, this is not the only possible problem a woman can get from excessive alcohol consumption. The risks of sexual assault and lifelong sexual health issues are much higher in women who drink alcohol regularly.

Published by Evelyn Green