How to Get Rid of Love Handles?

Mass media continue to load tons of shocking new about the civilized world getting fatter every year. And there is a good grain of truth in that: people tend to choose a sedentary lifestyle and develop ugly fatty wrinkles at the sides of the waist. It has become a buzzword, and there are some theories on how to deal with the problem.

Use a Complex Approach

Many men and women rush to exercise the torso and the obliques. They get disappointing results because they target the symptom instead of targeting the problem itself. Love handles are caused by a complex of factors, and the solution should be complex, too.

Love Handles

It is a manifestation of obesity, which occurs due to imbalances resulting from poor metabolism. Most likely, metabolic issues arise from improper nutrition. Finally, the consequences of poor nutrition are made worse by the lack of physical exercise. So, when trying to get rid of those love handles hanging over your pants, do the following:

  1. Reduce the intake of added sugar and fructose. Sugar carries the so-called ‘empty calories’, which have zero nutritional value and are converted into extra pounds and, therefore, may cause love handles.
  2. Add fiber-rich products to your diet, which should include fruits, vegetables, oats, beans, etc.
  3. Replace unhealthy fats with healthy ones, which are found in olive oil, avocados, nuts, etc.
  4. Use every chance to get your entire body to work: take up running, choose the stairway instead of the elevator, take a walk instead of taking a ride, lift weights, etc.
  5. Use every chance to replace processed foods with unprocessed ones. Unprocessed foods include whole grains, seeds, nuts, vegetables, as well as those containing lean proteins.

If you have love handles and would like to get rid of them ASAP, consult a qualified physician and/or nutrition expert. Not unlikely, you may need a thorough examination.

Published by Evelyn Green