Influence of Psychological Disorders on Health Functioning

Psychological Disorders

Stress, anxiety, and worry are a usual part of everyday life, especially if we are talking about women. Such feelings are not just normal; they are frequently beneficial, as they keep the physical and emotional health balanced. However, chronic or constant anxiety and depression can contribute to heart attack risk.

According to the results of medical research, small amounts of stress and anxiety can stimulate you to work harder and be more productive. The disorders start the moment your anxiety turns unmanageable and uncontrollable. Such conditions as generalized anxiety disorder, panic issues and depression can trigger palpitations or chest pain that may seem to be the signs of heart attack.

Striving to understand the tight connection between anxiety and heart attack, it is important to realize that chronic stress and emotional tension can change the body response to such irritants. This psychological state can influence the combination of physiological and hormonal reactions. Reasonless ups and downs experienced by patients with anxiety can launch advanced blood pressure, as well as heart rhythm disorders. Blood platelets become stickier, increasing the risk of blood clot occurrence.

heart attackSince females are less emotionally steady, they are more likely to be diagnosed with heart-related conditions. Stressful job, irritating daily responsibilities at home, social problems and similar factors can be the triggers of chronic anxiety that has a negative impact on the body. As a result, women experience heart attack more often than men, and its symptoms are a bit more complicated, too.

Published by Evelyn Green