5 Ways to Seduce a Man

The art of seducing goes back to long gone times. Historically, seducing men is an art of geishas, courtesans, royal ladies, etc. Ladies spend a lifetime trying to win a man’s heart, but not everyone is sure about the subtleties.

#1. Be feminine

This is a No. 1 thing in making a man want you. Naturally, a man wants a woman, so you must be the one. That means that you must look like a woman and behave like a woman. Femininity is beauty, and every woman is beautiful in her own way. It takes a bit of knowledge and responsibility to use your beauty properly and, thus, stimulate man’s mental erogenous zones.

#2. Choose a flattering style

This is pretty much about your good looks. Most men place appearance first, so do your best to live up to such an expectation. Choose clothes, in which you feel free, confident and sexy. Feeling sexy means actually being sexy. Make sure your hair has some length, because most men appreciate long hair in women. Do not try to look like a boy: it is advisable to have at least a blunt bob hairstyle.

Seduce a Man #3. Get him in the mood

There are different ways you can do that. Most men appreciate conversation and discussion. A beautiful and comfortable place like a restaurant or hotel room and a glass of wine, champagne or whatever drink (not necessarily alcohol!) will be a nice addition. Try to find out what he is interested in and check it against your favorite subject. Find common ground. Let this be a prelude to finding common sexual ground: this technique is quite applicable here, too.

#4. Be erotic (but not slutty!)

Flirting is an inalienable part of any date. As you switch smoothly to the sexual aspect, use body language: these are the best stimulants to his mental erogenous zones. Make sure you retain a substantial share of confidence (but not arrogance!). Stroke your hair from time to time, make it as if you would like to remove a hair from his jacket. When talking, maintain a direct eye contact and look away from time to time: let this be a challenge for him, as he will need to win back your attention. Discuss some beautiful love scenes from movies and let him respond. Watching a good movie together can be an excellent stimulus. Try a competitive game: competition boosts sexual arousal in both men and women.

#5. Go for a direct contact

There is hardly a better way to do that than stimulating man’s erogenous zones (physical this time!). These include neck, scalp, shoulders, back, earlobes. Address these areas using massage techniques. Also, they respond actively to kisses. Go for it, but don’t rush: being too persistent can scare off your man. It is useful to back off from time to time and let him chase you a little. All men like to be heroes in getting what they want!

Published by Evelyn Green