Main Rules of Spontaneous Sex

Sometimes routine of an everyday life makes its way into our bedrooms by making our sex lives a part of itself. Soon, what was once referred to as “fun time” becomes something that doesn’t excite, doesn’t please us as it used to. And when we are forced to do it for the sake of the act itself we tend to lose interest. Our sex drive keeps on dropping until we find ourselves in a vicious circle with no way out in sight.

One of the best ways to increase sex drive is the introduction of spontaneous sex into one’s life. You can take advantage of sexual spontaneity to wake your sexual appetite from its slumber. The same goes for your man as well. But there’s more to it than just heightened libido – this you can achieve with the help of Female Viagra or similar products. You both can reap a handful of benefits of spontaneous sex:

  • Elevated mood;
  • Confidence and self-esteem boost;
  • Warmer feelings of affection towards each other;
  • Higher level of happiness;
  • Reduced stress and others.

So if these sound appealing, and you want to revive your sex life, then follow the simple rules described below.

Spontaneous Sex

Rule 1: Be bold with your underwear

Check your underwear drawer. Ask yourself if what you see in there belongs to a woman who has sex and enjoys it? If the answer is anything but solid yes, then get yourself to the lingerie shop right away.

Spoil yourself with something classy, something racy, or something downright slutty, whatever makes you feel sexier. Not only is your man going to appreciate the visuals, but he’s also going to notice when you feel sexier than usual. Alternatively, try skipping underwear altogether. Then flaunt what you’ve got with a mesh top, short skirt, or transparent dress.

Rule 2: Don’t confine your amorous activities to the bedroom

Even the smallest change of place can improve sexual gravity of both partners towards each other. For a start, you can try doing it in a bathtub, shower, or on a kitchen table. If you’re feeling extra frisky and brave, consider something a bit more outdoorsy like in a car, on a roof, or beach. Expect novelty and risk of being caught to turn an otherwise regular sex into something much steamier.

Rule 3: Be the one who initiates

Don’t be afraid of your own needs. Instead, act whenever you feel like it. Being the initiator of spontaneous sex is all about your own sexual empowerment. It will infuse you with confidence and sexual energy. While your partner is going to feel irresistible since you can’t keep your hands off him, make it a win-win situation for both of you.

Published by Evelyn Green