10 sexual fantasies that can diversify your married life

Almost all married couples come to the period in their relations when sex loses its importance. It gets more of a habit, and you don’t seem to get as much of positive emotions as you used to. To keep the passion after getting married, you have to be open to experiments in bed, and Female Viagra over the counter is only one of many ways to do it. Here are 10 sexual fantasies that can help you stay hot between the sheets.

1. Role-playing

Imagine that you are not a husband and wife but a cop and a criminal or a nurse and a patient. Let yourself do the things and tell the words that you would never have told or done being yourself. By practicing a role-play in the bedroom, you will feel free in your thoughts and, believe it or not, you will definitely feel the passion and excitement you might have already lost.

2. A dominant and a submissive

Perhaps everyone who has read a book or watched the film “50 Shades of Grey” had some master-and-slave fantasies. So why don’t you try to embody them? If you think that stacks and handcuffs are not for you, try to start with something less radical. Tying the eyes, for example, may be a wonderful beginning.

3. Experiment with sex-toys

Try different sex-toys to diversify your intimate relations. They will give you new feelings and emotions. Furthermore, they can help you reveal new facets of sexual relations.

4. Watch porn-video together

Such an experience may intensify your sex drive and help you find new ideas for your sexual relations with a husband or wife. Besides, you may shoot a home-porn yourself. Why not?

10 sexual fantasies 5. Striptease

A private dance with undressing can burn the flame of your desire and help you bring novelty to the married life.

6. Sex in public places

There’s nothing more exciting than the fear of being caught while making sex in a public place. The charge of adrenaline and positive emotions is guaranteed.

7. Watch each other’s solo

Some couples may find it difficult to masturbate in front of each other, however, if the level of your mutual trust is high, it may become a strong push to wake up your libido.

8. Fancy dress costumes

You can try to make your sexual life more interesting by wearing fancy costumes. Wearing such clothes, your role-play will look even more natural. Hence, the level of sexual excitement will reach the top.

9. Two plus one

If you are ready for daring experiments, inviting one more person to your bedroom may become an interesting way of making your married sexual life diverse. However, you have to consider all the pros and cons of your decision because sometimes it may destroy a family.

10. Try a different kind of sex

Traditional vaginal sex is, of course, good, yet you shouldn’t stop on it. There are some other “horizons” to explore. Oral and anal sex may bring you another kind of sexual satisfaction. So, if you have never tried them, it’s high time to start.

Published by Evelyn Green