How Sex Changes For Better After 40

Make peace with your hormonal system. In her book “Love And Sex In The Times Of Crisis”, Lydia Cacho writes: “Everything is related to sex and those who say the opposite lie.” Endocrinologists confirm that towards 40, hormones linked to activity and therefore to sexual desire – estrogens for women and testosterone for men – decrease, this decrease reduces the speed of metabolism, the fat mass advances compared to the lean one. But we can have behaviors that contrast these effects, keeping the production mechanism alive. How? Do not put on weight, train the body and mind, like yourself, keep the desire alive in relationships but also lower the temperature of the bedroom: cool air awakens the metabolism.

Sex Changes After 40

40 years are the age of awareness in which Chinese doctors recommend doing everything a little less and a little better. It is valid for food, sport and above all sex. Moving around a little less and staying still during penetration increases the pleasure far more than fast mechanical movements: this is the right season of age to try.

Know the vagina like yourself (and the foods that make you stay healthy). The decrease in estrogen penalizes the softness of the skin of the face but also of the vagina. Therefore, it is a good habit to moisturize it with a special cream based on hyaluronic acid available in the pharmacy. The experts are also definitive on the pelvic floor to be trained with Kegel exercises, controlled contractions, or with Chinese balls, a small object that fits into the vagina: strengthens the muscles, improves orgasms, helps bladder hold, increases lubrication. These exercises are a good alternative and act like female viagra over the counter. If you discover some grey hair? There are those who take it away, those who get rid of growth entirely, those who leave it in their place: the only goal, to feel at ease.

In addition to the body, however, there is an attitude to train. Always, but at 40, even more. Look at yourself in the mirror moving and gesticulating, because this is the way we make our personality and thoughts show, and they live through the movements of the face.

Published by Evelyn Green