Modern Women Suffering from Emotional Burnout

Considering the term ‘burnout’, it is frequently related to overachiever syndrome. People, who are ultimately active and involved in many things get tired, exhausted and emotionally squeezed. Emotional pressure, lots of responsibilities and other routine issues contribute to the development of this state. According to the statistics, over 40% of employees around the world experience emotional burnout. An interesting fact is that the vast majority of them are women. Over 50% of workers also report emotional exhaustion and constant stress. To understand its origin and reason of occurrence, it is important to realize what we deal with.

Emotional Burnout

Emotional Burnout as It Is

Living in the era when we can do everything and achieve all the set goals, we need to work hard enough. So, the moment when you are not really ready to stay active anymore, cannot reach the goals and have no limits is called burnout. It is inevitable to realize that this notion is not just about feeling knackered in the morning or lots of emails to reply. It is not about missing several deadlines, being anxious or moody. Burnout is the breakdown of the whole system, which follows unmanageable anxiety and stress, as well as emotional fatigue. Besides, people usually experience physical and cognitive exhaustion in addition to emotional one.

Why Are Females Diagnosed with Burnout more Often?

Being a business lady or having a responsible position requires much time and consideration. Children, husband, and home also take much of your time. The constant need to be in charge of many things both at work and at home triggers the beginning of emotional exhaustion in women. As a result, this prolonged tension stimulates the development of psychological burnout that can be accompanied by other health disorders.

Published by Evelyn Green