Studies Showed that Penis Size Doesn’t Influence Female Satisfaction

A recent urological study has shown that there is no relation between penis length and orgasm. Generally, there is an assumption that bigger penis is better. However, it is not always true. The results of the investigation revealed that women preferred girth over length, especially when it came to orgasm and pleasure during the intercourse.

femaleorgasmConsidering sexual satisfaction, there are fewer reasons to think that a larger penis is beneficial. Instead, the duration of the intercourse and ability to achieve and hold an erection is what plays a far more important role in female orgasm. Due to the fact that an overwhelming majority of women experience orgasm clitorally, there is no objective evidence of its dependency on the size of the penis. In this case, the length of the penis is unlikely to play a significant role in triggering pleasure beyond anticipation, expectation and a range of other psychological factors.

According to the limited number of studies aimed at understanding female preferences, women are not bothered by penis size. Instead, it is far more important for a woman to have a sexual relationship with an intelligent, caring and loving man.

In addition, numerous beliefs and facts have been specified, related to the issue of the penis size:Penis Size

  • There is a significant difference in size importance when considering clitoral and vaginal sex. Length can matter during vaginal sex, while it is not vital for clitoral. Therefore, pleasure and satisfaction from the intercourse do not depend on size;
  • Deep penetration is frequently what is considered to bring complete satisfaction. But, in fact, it is not true. Discomfort is frequently related to this process;
  • Penis size is mainly a psychological problem of men than women. Males get anxious about their penis, which usually hampers them from enjoying the intercourse.

Despite not a single woman will say she prefers a man with a small penis, it is not a big deal if she loves her man, and it is mutual.

Published by Evelyn Green