5 Interesting Facts about Cuddling

The scientists have long ago proven that cuddling plays an important role in human life starting with early childhood. It is considered that to grow into an emotionally healthy person, a child needs to be hugged daily. The same thing is true for adults. Apart from emotional benefits, there are quite a lot of health benefits of cuddling.

Fact #1. Cuddling helps to lower stress levels

Experiencing some difficulties, people always seek someone to help and support them. And even if this person can’t find any comforting words, he or she can just cuddle you thus showing his or her care.

Cuddling is a great way to reduce stress due to oxytocin (a special hormone secreted in the human brain) that promotes the feeling of security and calmness.

Fact #2 The more cuddling you get – the healthier your heart is

The release of oxytocin helps to keep the heartbeat and, consequently, the pulse within the healthy rates. In addition, this hormone helps in lowering blood pressure. Consequently, the risks for developing heart disease, heart attack or a stroke get significantly lower.

Besides, the reduction of the stress levels protects the body from a harmful impact of excessive levels of cortisol.

health benefits of cuddling

Fact #3. Cuddling can cut pain

Do you remember your mom cuddling you when you hurt your knee as a child? You felt much better within minutes if not seconds. But how was that possible? Why did it help? Again, the production of oxytocin can give answers. This hormone helps to raise your pain threshold and thus feel the pain less acutely.

Fact #4. Cuddling beats social anxiety

The feeling of positivity and support one gets with cuddling can make him or her more confident and easy-going. As a result, the level of anxiety when communicating with new people is much lower. Besides, due to oxytocin, it is easier to stay positive and enjoy the company.

Besides, based on the results of the recent studies, cuddling was revealed to stimulate dopamine production and thus has a positive effect on the therapy of post-traumatic stress disorder.

Fact #5. Cuddling can help libido boost

Giving a hug or just touching your partner, you may feel a strong sexual desire as if out of the blue. However, it is all regulated by the production of dopamine. Cuddling stimulates its secretion thus making your mood and libido go up.

This is one of the reasons why foreplay is considered to be a very important part of sexual intercourse. It helps you feel relaxed and aroused at the same time.

Published by Evelyn Green