First Date, How to Lay the Foundation of a Strong Relationship?

Going to the first date with a person you like, you have to understand that it can also be your last date if he or she won’t get interested in you. So, if you hope for serious relations in the future, you’d better do your best to win the heart or at least make your date interested in you. How to do it? Let’s find out.

Be honest

No one likes fakes, so don’t be one. Just be yourself and tell about your life the way it is. Don’t invent anything and don’t embellish the facts. If you continue communication with the person you go on a date with, then sooner or later your lies (and this is how it will look) will be revealed. Starting and then building relations on lies is a way to nowhere because your partner won’t be able to trust you anymore.

By the way, an online survey performed by one of the financial websites in 2014, revealed that men lie more often than women. For example, 27.7% of men lied about their achievements whereas only 16.8% of women did the same.

Strong Relationship

Try to learn more about each other

The first date is a great opportunity to learn about the hobbies and interests of your potential boyfriend/girlfriend. To do this, you need to talk. Ask your date questions about him/her. Or if he/she is the one to ask, tell about yourself so that a manor a woman sitting in front of you could have a full picture of what kind of a person you are. Support the conversation but don’t be too talkative.

Choose the right place

The place you choose for a date can tell a lot about you. However, you should keep in mind that your date may be not a fan of dancing or rollerblading so it’s better to choose something neutral. Besides, as it has already been mentioned, you need to talk on your first date. Hence, you’d better drop the idea of meeting in the club or noisy bar or going to the cinema. A small atmospheric café can be a nice variant instead.

Let your date make a choice

Let’s imagine that you’ve invited your date to a café, which was your choice. To show your trust and to find some commonness in your preferences in foods, you can offer your date to make an order for both of you. Besides, it’ll be a clear signal that you are ready for compromises in your future relations.

According to the research article published in the Journal of Consumer Psychology, people who eat similar food can find their way through conflicts much easier. Besides, the level of trust in the couples ordering the same dishes was much higher in comparison to those who had different tastes in foods.

Published by Evelyn Green