How to Deal with Jealousy?

For some of us, jealousy is a great problem, while others view it as human nature. Anyway, we can all be jealous from time to time, but it becomes a real issue when it creeps into each aspect of our everyday life. Jealousy can be different, varying from success, lifestyle, romantic and several other types. You can think your friend has a much more comfortable house than you do, or your sister looks better. But what is the reason for such thoughts and what impact can they put on your personal life?

Relationship jealousy is the most overwhelming, as there is hardly any woman ready to share her man with someone else. A fear of being rejected, not being loved and accepted triggers the worry about losing the people you care for. The question is still actual: can jealousy help it?


Instead of encouraging your own jealousy, you need to find an ultimate way to overcome it. Here are some tips, which can assist you in dealing with your envy and jealousy:

  • Recognize the problem. Trying to hide the issue will not help you achieve the desired results. Name the problem, and it will lose its power;
  • Assess yourself and the relationship you have. Most commonly, it is on the psychological level, while objectively there is no reason for jealousy. Explore the situation, evaluate it and take it easy;
  • Seek out support. Discuss the problem with one of your friends. Do not share your issue with the partner;
  • Set it free. Once your jealousy becomes overwhelming, you need to consider it and let it go. You do not need these emotions in your life and relations;
  • Do not act on feelings and manage your emotions. The real troubles related to jealousy and similar issues start at the point you are ready to act. Think carefully before doing or saying anything;
  • Appreciate yourself. Usually, low self-esteem is what makes people jealous. The moment you realize you are worth something, people will start appreciating you. Remember the reason why your partner fell in love with you and develop that trait. Control your emotions and value yourself;
  • Trust your partner and yourself. Mistrust is a crucial problem that takes place in many relations. Having a happy and healthy relationship is about trusting and relying on the person you are with. Put your thoughts aside and forget about jealousy to develop your relations, not ruin them.

Published by Evelyn Green