Meditation with Partner Helps Understand Each Other Better

Meditation is a great technique allowing a person to get rid of stress, relax, and overall make life better. It is also an effective way for couples to improve their relationships because it helps them to better understand each other, get closer, and increase a sex drive.

Benefits of Meditation for Couples

If a couple practices mutual meditation, partners can enjoy the following benefits:

  • More time to spend with each other. Even if you can spare only 10 minutes for mutual meditation, this will allow being connected with your partner emotionally, mentally, and physically;
  • Improved sexual relationships. When you touch each other, your breathing is synchronized, and both of you enjoy the process, which allows enjoying intimacy;
  • Open communication. When two partners are calm, they can understand each other better to have thoughtful dialogues;
  • Fewer distractions. Meditation helps both partners to get rid of stress, anxiety, and relax;
  • Relationship growth. Being involved in an enjoyable activity allows partners to develop their relationships.
Meditation with Partner

How to Meditate With Your Partner?

Here is a clear instruction for couples on how to meditate at home.

  1. It is important to find some free time suitable for both partners. You should think through the essential details, such as where you are going to meditate and for how long. It is easy to choose special apps for meditation, video tutorials, appropriate music, and other details that both partners find pleasant.
  2. Partners should sit back to back and choose the most comfortable leg position. It is up to you where you want to meditate — on the floor or in your bed. During meditation, your backs should be touching each other.
  3. Take a nice deep breath, close your eyes and try to synchronize your breathing, which you can do by inhaling and exhaling together. It might be difficult for a start, but if you are patient, you will eventually achieve the needed results. Once your breathing is synchronized, continue doing it for several minutes.
  4. Keep meditating for a chosen period of time and then share your impressions.

Note that it is possible to choose different positions during the meditation with your partner, such as sitting in front of each other or next to each other. You should find the position that allows you both to enjoy the process the most. It is also important to meditate on a regular basis.

Published by Evelyn Green