Reasons Why Women Live Longer than Men

No doubt, a long life is the desire of each person, but, according to. the statistics, if you are a man, you can expect to live around 5 years less than your wife. But what is the reason for such short life expectancy?

women live longer than men

New investigations that took place in the recent year showed that it is not for a single reason. It is a whole complex of factors that promote female lifespan.

  • Less oxidative stress. Suffering from oxidative stress, the body generates free radicals that, in their turn, can activate cell damage and faster aging process. This is one of the most common and simple explanations of the life time difference between men and women. Oxidative damage in women is 4 times lower than in men, which can be explained by higher estrogen levels with its protective effect. A high concentration of estrogen in the female organism balances the amount of good cholesterol decreasing bad one. As a result, it triggers a considerable reduction of heart disease and stroke development. Correspondingly, women have a better ability to combat infections and similar health disorders.
  • Extra X chromosome. The difference in chromosomes also influences the duration of life. While men are characterized by X and Y chromosomes, women have two X. Containing microRNA, extra X chromosome helps to regulate the immune system and its important processes.
  • Testosterone level. Increased testosterone level is what makes men not only sexually active but sometimes reckless and aggressive. Therefore, the mortality rate during puberty is ultimately high. Age 15-24 is the peak of testosterone production that often leads to violence, drowning and wrecks.

Considering the lifespan of men and women, it is important to mention risky behavior and competitive spirit that characterize the vast majority of men. The consequence is higher stress and advanced mortality level. Men are also more exposed to smoking and drinking, which interferes with heart, lung, kidney and other body organs functioning.

Published by Evelyn Green