Decrease of Sexual Desire: What Is It?

The question of female sexual desire is very subtle since a woman can experience highs and lows that frequently coincide with different life changes, including beginning and end or relationship, pregnancy, illness, menopause and others. Besides, some medications, including anti-seizure drugs and antidepressants, can result in a decreased sex drive.

However, throughout the mature life, each woman can have low libido, but the condition requires medical assistance if it is persistent and triggers personal distress. The problem is not that big, so timely medical assistance in form of pharmaceutical solutions like Female Viagra and proper lifestyle changes can bring a considerable improvement.

Symptoms of Low Libido in Women

The issues of sexual desire, libido and drive are very individual and depend on numerous factors. Nevertheless, each person should follow the usual libido rate and find out if there are any disorders.

Most commonly, some of the specified points can help you understand you have decreased sexual drive that needs to be treated:

  • You do not have sexual thoughts or fantasies;
  • You are not interested in any sexual activity, including self-stimulation;
  • You are bothered by no desire to have sex.
symptoms of low libido in women

Possible Causes of Condition Development

While the female sexual desire is based on a range of factors that affect intimacy, the reasons for the condition development can be the most diverse. They can include:

  • Physical causes. Various physical changes, illnesses, and medications can influence the female libido. Most commonly, sexual problems, medications, surgery, fatigue, lifestyle habits and medical problems trigger the decrease of sexual drive;
  • Psychological causes. Depression, anxiety, mental health issues, poor body image, decreased self-esteem, stress, negative sex experience and several other issues can also contribute to libido reduction;
  • Hormonal disorders or changes. A major decrease of sexual desire can be caused by pregnancy, lactation, and menopause. It is known that sudden changes in the hormone level can alter the desire for sex;
  • Relationship problems. While emotional closeness is vital for a woman, problems in the relationships can trigger low sexual desire. Additionally, unresolved conflicts, lack of connection, infidelity and other personal issues can eliminate sexual desire.

Published by Evelyn Green