Managing The Causes Of Female Anorgasmia

The term anorgasmia indicates the impossibility or the difficulty of reaching an orgasm. This is a problem that can affect both men and women, but which usually affects females more. The disorder should not be confused with frigidity, which indicates a total absence of pleasure, in the case of anorgasmia in fact there is a state of excitement, but, even after adequate stimulation, one cannot reach the climax.

There are multiple facets of this disorder that are usually related to the psychological sphere. Sometimes orgasm is not experienced during sexual intercourse, but only with autoerotism, other times pleasure does not come with a specific partner. Finally, some women claim that they have never experienced orgasm in their lives.

Causes Of Female Anorgasmia

Anorgasmia is still a mystery to doctors today, who have been studying this problem for years to try to understand its origins. The causes can be of various types, from psychological to relational, but biological factors often also intervene. What are the factors that undermine sexual intercourse by preventing women from experiencing pleasure?

Sometimes the problem is caused solely by a difficulty in living the sexual sphere freely due to a lack of security and low self-esteem. Many women experience the encounter with the partner, especially at the beginning of the relationship, as a test to be overcome in which they do not feel up to par. Hence an anxiety that compromises and hinders the achievement of orgasm.

In some cases, anorgasmia results from incorrect stimulation by the partner, due to the woman’s inability to freely express what she wants and to guide him to discover his pleasure. Finally, among the causes of this disorder of the sexual sphere we also find the intake of psychotropic and antidepressant substances, such as hormones, drugs and drugs, which can inhibit orgasm.

How to solve the problem? First you need to try to eliminate stress and live sexuality freely, without limits and preconceptions. The secret is to learn to talk with your partner, to rediscover the pleasure of being together and having fun between the sheets.

Published by Evelyn Green