The effect of nutrients on sexual desire

To stay healthy, everyone needs lots of vitamins and minerals that are either secreted in our body or are consumed with foods. Sexual health is not an exception. Insufficient quantities of some nutrients can make you lose your libido. And in some cases, vitamin deficiency may lower your reproduction ability. Let’s have a look at the major constituencies of high libido other than female viagra.

Vitamin A

This vitamin influences the secretion of testosterone in males and estrogen in females. Its lack may diminish the levels of the sex hormones in both sexes and be the cause of low or even absent libido.

To better the situation and increase the amounts of Vitamin A in the body, you have to add carrots, sweet potato, and yellow fruits to your daily menu.


Magnesium deficiency can make you more nervous and even affect the quality of your sleep. Poor or insufficient hours of night rest may play a bad trick on men. That’s because the bulk of testosterone is secreted in the deep phases of sleep. Shortening these periods, male bodies don’t have enough time to produce the needed amounts of the hormone. As a result, one may lose interest in sex.

Eat nuts, green leafy vegetables, eggs, and whole grain products to restore a normal level of magnesium.

Magnesium deficiency


Selenium is an important constituent of the intimate health of any man. This nutrient plays a huge role in the male sperm count thus affecting the ability to fertilize women. Adding selenium-containing products to your daily ration can help improve the quality of sperm and increase your sex drive.

You can find it in broccoli, Brazil nuts, onion, mushrooms, and cabbage.

Vitamin D

The importance of this vitamin for the human body has long been proven. Low levels of Vitamin D can negatively affect women desire to have sex because it has a certain impact on the levels of estrogen in the female organism.

To increase the levels of this vitamin, you have to spend more time outdoors as Vitamin D is produced by the human body under the influence of direct sunlight. In case you don’t have such a possibility, you may start taking Vitamin D supplements.

Vitamin E

The famous “sex vitamin” improves the inflow of blood to the pelvic organs thus making men and women more sensitive to sexual stimulation. Besides, such an influence helps to get and maintain a strong erection, which is also a big plus.

Vitamin E is present in eggs, fish, and dairy products.

Published by Evelyn Green