Surefire Ways To Tell Your Hormones Are Out Of Whack

Do you always feel like you could sneak in a few more hours of sleep? Gotta be hormones. Do you sport a giant pimple on your chin? Blame it on hormones. Do you have extra pounds you can’t get rid of? Hormones. “We often attribute so many ailments to hormones, even if sometimes they really have nothing to do with it,” says Warrick Inder, a doctor at the Endocrine Society of Australia. However, observing how hormones play an important role in virtually every function of our body, it must be admitted that they have a very important role in our well-being. Here’s what they can really provoke.

I feel tired all the time

It could be due to the thyroid hormone. An overactive thyroid can cause weight loss, severe muscle weakness, trembling and an increase in heart rate. If you have these symptoms, contact your doctor immediately.


I need to go to the little girls’ room way too much

You may have too low levels of insulin. These symptoms may indicate the presence of diabetes: type 1 affects children and young people, while type 2 (the most common) tends to occur with advancing age. Maintaining a healthy diet and exercising regularly helps to prevent.

My skin is acting weird (I wish that I could grow a beard, as Shania Twain all too ingeniously put it)

Beware of estrogen and testosterone imbalances. In weight gains, the balance between estrogen and testosterone changes: the former decreases and the latter rises. This can lead to increased sebum production, facial hair and late acne (characterized by red papules and no pimples). This condition can also cause polycystic ovary syndrome and lead to absent or irregular periods and (not always) weight gain. In some cases the doctor may prescribe you the pill to balance the hormonal balance, or other drugs to block the action of male hormones.

I feel fatigued all the time

Check cortisol and thyroid hormones. Low levels of these two elements can lead to significant body fatigue. If the pituitary gland is suffering, it is easy to have a reduction in these hormones, while at the same time thyroid and adrenal glands tend to become less active. Contact your doctor: there are targeted therapies that rebalance the hormonal structure.

Published by Evelyn Green