The Importance Of Hormone Checkups In Women

Going through a new phase of the menstrual cycle, every woman experiences some hormonal fluctuations. They are absolutely normal and don’t cause any notable symptoms (except for the well-known PMS period). However, serious changes in the levels of hormones in women may provoke a number of unwanted reactions. Not knowing the core of the issue, women may suffer the symptoms for a long time. Yet all they need to do is to check their hormones.

Here are the symptoms that should bring you to the doctors for a hormone checkup.

Wrong periods

Every woman knows what is normal for her when it comes to the periods. However, if you experience:

  • Extreme tiredness before or during the menstruation;
  • Severe pain or cramps in the abdomen on the first or any other day of the periods;
  • Heavy bleedings;
  • Bleedings lasting longer than 7 days;

or any other symptoms that differ from your usual condition, you’d better have your hormones checked.

hormone checkups

No libido

In case you have no obvious explanation for your low sex drive, you are a perfect candidate for checking the levels of sex hormones.

Low estrogen levels may be a good reason for low sexual desire. A lack of this hormone may also be accompanied by mood swings and vaginal dryness. The problem may be solved with the help of estrogen intake, yet your doctor should first confirm low estrogens with the tests.

Mood swings

Does your mood changes with a lightning speed throughout the day? Do you feel happy and full of energy in the morning, but get angry and irritated for no reason just in a couple of minutes? If so, you are very likely to suffer from hormonal disbalance.

When you pass some tests on the levels of hormones, your healthcare provider gets the possibility to exclude any psychological reasons for the trouble. Besides, this procedure will make it easier to choose the treatment that will help you stabilize the situation and feel “normal” again.

Poor skin, hair, and nails condition

You may say that these are the signs of some vitamins’ deficiency. Nevertheless, dry skin and hair, and brittle nails may also mean that you need to check your thyroid hormone. Its excess may show through such symptoms, and you may easily confuse them with a lack of nutrients.

Published by Evelyn Green