Genital Infections Tests for Women

Each and every infection a person may get needs some time to spread throughout the organism to be detected in the blood test. Genital infections are not an exception. Furthermore, they may be so insidious as to not manifests any symptoms, yet it doesn’t mean that a person can’t pass them on via unprotected sexual relationship.

That’s why it is important to get your blood checked once in a while. However, if you know that the risk of catching an STD was high in your previous sexual contact, you’d better make a test as soon as possible. Yet, make sure the incubation period of the disease has finished before going to the doctors.

We’ve collected here some basic information on how much time should pass after open sexual intercourse before testing in women. Keep in mind that different STDs have not the same incubation period. Hence, you may not reveal all the types of genital infections within a single blood test.

Genital Infections

When can you start passing the tests?

One of the most frequently caught genital infections is chlamydia. It may show the first signs after 2 or 3 weeks, yet it may also go without symptoms. To detect the pathogen, you may pass the blood test in 14-21 days after the hazardous sexual contact.

Gonorrhea is also among the leaders of the STDs found in sexually active people. The onset of the disease may be as fast as in 2 days after open sexual intercourse. Hence, you can get tested in 2 to 14 days period.

Speaking about Trichomoniasis, women may turn to the doctors for a blood check after five days of waiting. The illness may manifest anywhere between 5 to 28 days after getting into the female body.

Syphilis has one of the longest incubation periods among the STDs. It may need from 10 to 90 days to induce the initial signs of the disease. That’s why starting from the tenth day after the unprotected sex, you may get tested for this ailment.

Testing for HIV should be passed annually by all the people who live an active sexual life, especially if they are not in regular relations. Checking the blood after open intercourse may be done in 9-11 days already. It’s an early detection test. There’s also another type of blood checkup for HIV. It is based on the presence of antibodies. To pass it, you have to wait for 1 to 3 months.

Published by Evelyn Green