Benefits of Zinc for Women’s Health

Zinc is an important mineral that all women need every day to stay healthy. Although it’s necessary to take it only in small amounts, zinc deficiencies often cause a number of unpleasant side effects, including poor wound healing, hair loss, etc.

Basic Information about Zinc

What are good sources of this naturally occurring mineral? Nowadays, it’s available as special nutritional supplements and zinc foods, such as dairy products, red meat, nuts, seafood, legumes, and chicken. Zinc is especially important for breastfeeding and pregnant women. It plays many roles in women’s health like:

  • DNA synthesis;
  • Wound healing;
  • Immune function;
  • Protein synthesis;
  • Cell division.
benefits of zinc

What Benefits Does Zinc Offer?

Enough zinc supplementation provides women with a number of basic and extra benefits. For example, this mineral is a powerful immune booster, and it helps women strengthen their immune system. When eating too little zinc, people get sick more often, and their wound healing is slow.

The human body uses zinc to synthesize protein. This means that it plays a huge role in maintaining and building lean muscle mass. Zinc deficiencies lead to weight loss and poor appetite. This mineral is also an essential nutrient during pregnancy because it’s crucial for the right development and growth of the fetus. It prevents such adverse outcomes as premature birth, low birth weight, congenital abnormalities, and delivery complications.

Getting a daily dose helps women prevent osteoporosis, especially if they have undergone menopause. Zinc is directly linked with higher bone density, and it can significantly improve it in the hips and lumbar spine. Its intake also improves some of the side effects associated with menstruation, including PMS, thanks to its ability to regulate progesterone secretion. Zinc can help women prevent menstrual cramps and dysmenorrhea.

Older women require more zinc because the amount their bodies can absorb decreases. They become more susceptible to zinc deficiencies and need to adjust a nutritional plan accordingly. Finally, zinc helps women improve their mood and can be used as an effective treatment for depression according to the latest studies.

Published by Evelyn Green