Harmful and Beneficial Cocoa Influence on Female Health

Before you find out information about the use and harm of cocoa, it is important to single out that it is a plant used for making chocolate. Generally considered to be a treat, cocoa powder is currently widely used as a medicine that helps to deal with heart-related complications, blood pressure disorders, and similar conditions. Some people apply butter to the skin in order to warn stretch marks and wrinkles. However, apart from cocoa health benefits, there is a range of potential risks, so both should be taken into consideration.

Beneficial Cocoa Influence

Mechanism of Cocoa Effect: Pros and Cons of Its Use

Cocoa is a product that is exceptionally rich in different chemicals, especially antioxidants. Several medical studies have proved flavonoids to trigger veins relaxation, leading to the decreased blood pressure. Additionally, the components are likely to decrease the activity of body chemicals that cause inflammation and blockage of the blood vessels.

Therefore, it is possible to specify a whole range of positive influences launched by cocoa use, including:

  • Decreased inflammation, balanced blood sugar levels, reduced blood pressure, and several other health benefits are achieved through polyphenols included in the plant;
  • Decreased hypertension because of balanced nitric oxide levels;
  • Reduced risk of stroke and heart attack;
  • Better brain function and enhanced blood flow;
  • Improved mood and excluded depression;
  • Eliminated type 2 diabetes symptoms;
  • Enhanced weight control;
  • Lower risk of cancer development;
  • Balanced asthma symptoms and others.

However, apart from all the positive contributions to female and male health, cocoa can cause a range of side effects and complications:

  • Cocoa is rich in caffeine that serves a powerful stimulant and triggers negative influence on sleep and kidney functioning;
  • Cocoa can be addictive;
  • Theobromine is another stimulant contained in the cocoa. Combined with caffeine, it can cause severe problems with sleep, heart rhythm, and heartbeat;
  • Depression, nightmares, paranoia, mood swings, and other health complications can be triggered by long-term cocoa use.

Published by Evelyn Green