The Truth about Female Metabolism

Metabolism is the process, which presupposes chemical reactions in the body. Due to these reactions, you gain sufficient energy for staying alive and function properly. Metabolic rate is another word that is frequently used to replace the notion of metabolism. Traditionally, it determines the number of calories you burn during some activities. The higher the rate, the easier you lose weight and the more calories reduce. Proper metabolism gives you an excellent opportunity to feel healthy and energetic.

Specifications of Metabolism in Women

Despite metabolic rate usually depends on individual health peculiarities of a patient, there are other differences, as in the case with male and female metabolism. To understand the process better, a patient should be aware of the key differences between metabolism in women and men:

  • Stress interferes with female metabolism decreasing fat loss;
  • When resting, women burn more glucose and less fat than men;
  • Young women have the same ability to build muscle as men;
  • Calorie restriction and intermittent fasting can be detrimental to women and beneficial for men;
  • Body fat is burned differently by males and females.
Female Metabolism

Tips on How to Increase Metabolism

Considering the cruel differences and some features of the female metabolism, you can change your diet, habits and other things to take the maximal advantage out of better metabolism. There are the fastest and the most effective ways for women to improve energy, mood and overall well-being:

  • Consume more protein with every meal, as it launches a significant metabolism boost for several hours;
  • Make high-intensity workouts a habit. With such exercises, you can advance the metabolic rate;
  • Drink cold water, which helps to lose weight and keep it off. Additionally, choosing cold water instead of sugary drinks will temporarily stimulate metabolism;
  • Drink green tea, as the results of studies show that it can advance the metabolic rate by 4-5%;
  • Spicy foods with pepper and other substances can improve your metabolism;
  • Healthy night’s sleep is halfway to balanced weight and better metabolism;
  • Drink more coffee, which can also launch metabolic boost by 3-11%.

Published by Evelyn Green