Why do women have headaches?

Headache is a serious problem for every person experiencing it. Pain can make us aggressive or apathetic or defenseless or even completely disarmed in the face of our daily challenges. Headaches in women appear because of different reasons, yet most often they are:

  • It may be called the most frequent cause of a headache. The release of adrenalin and cortisol raise the blood pressure and may lead to such a result;
  • Physical or emotional exhaustion. Being a responsible employee, a mother, a housekeeper, and a wife day by day can make us feel sick and tired of everything. Such a multitasking may also trigger a headache;
  • Poor nutrition, excessive dieting. Striving for a perfect body, some women forget about proper nutrition. They eat too little and don’t get all the needed nutrients. Their body responds to such a situation. Hence, they get a headache;
  • Hormonal impact. Changes in the levels of estrogen, which is the main female hormone may be the reason for regular severe headache. Pregnancy, lactation, menopause, PMS, periods, and even lack of sex may add to the problem.
Does sex help headaches

What methods may help you cope with a headache?

Dealing with a headache may be not easy, especially if you don’t want to take any pills. However, there is a number of effective ways of eliminating pain:

  • Visit yoga classes. Breathing techniques and various poses that help to stretch the body may be effective for a headache provoked by poor blood oxygenation or worsened blood flow to the brain.
  • Yes, it’s not a joke. The answer to the question “Does sex help headaches” is positive. Endorphins (the hormones of satisfaction and happiness), which are secreted during and after the sexual intercourse, work as natural painkillers and may significantly reduce pain sensations in women. Regular intimate relations can lower the risks of developing troubles with a headache and improve your overall health condition.
  • Healthy diet. If you want to lose weight, you should eat no matter how paradoxically it sounds. Sufficient amounts of nutrients help to function properly and diminish the probability of headaches.
  • Doing sports, you can intensify the inflow of oxygenated blood to every organ and system. Workouts at least three times a week can better your skin and blood vessels condition. Besides, it is a really helpful way of reducing the headache caused by low blood pressure.

Published by Evelyn Green