Yoga for weight loss

Yoga is getting more and more popular among people who want to keep fit. But does it work for losing weight? Can we become slenderer visiting yoga classes?

Actually, this question is not new and lots of scientists and yoga-lovers tried to find the right answer to it. During a qualitative study held by the American scientists in 2016, 20 people doing yoga for the period from 1 to 45 years were interviewed. 11 of them used to have an excessive weight and succeeded in losing it with the help of this ancient practice. The rest 9 people, though unintentionally, also reduced their body mass by visiting yoga classes.

The results of these people were absolutely astonishing. An average rate of the lost weight was more than 26 pounds with the lowest figure 4 pounds and the highest – 70 pounds.

On the whole, the interviewers pointed out four major things in yoga that had a crucial impact on the improvement of their body shape and health condition.

Changes in the nourishment

The bulk (90%) of yoga-lovers, spoke about an increase in mindful eating. Being concentrated on yoga, they try to avoid foods that can harm their practice. These people start eating less and choose the foods that will be useful for them.

Besides, yoga improves the self-control and helps to manage stress. As a result, the stress-eating factor gets eliminated, which gives the possibility to lower the body mass.

Yoga community support

Being surrounded with people following a healthy lifestyle, those who only start practicing have a positive example of how to make the right life choices. Having the same interests, both experienced practitioners and newcomers can discuss the questions they are interested in, thus sharing their experience.

Yet, the most important thing in the yoga community is that everyone can find support for himself, which diminishes stress and turns them towards changing life for the better.

Physical effect

A significant increase in the muscle tone helps people doing yoga form the right body shape. In addition, the practice helps to improve your metabolism. Thanks to this, an excess of fats getting into the body doesn’t stay there but is effectively burnt. So, if you want your body to look slim and sexy, yoga is for you.

Psychological changes

Yoga teaches people different things, yet these are the basics:

  • Self-control;
  • Self-acceptance;
  • Love;
  • Stress management;
  • Setting the right priorities;
  • Staying positive.

A combination of all these becomes a powerful trigger for becoming healthy and losing excessive body mass. So, we may come to the conclusion that, though unintentionally, yoga may become a real helper on the way to a perfectly shaped body.

Published by Evelyn Green