Health Benefits of Hormonal Contraceptives

When we talk about birth control tablets, the first thing that comes to mind is their excellent protective feature that prevents unwanted pregnancy. However, according to the results of numerous researches, hormonal contraceptives can trigger a range of other, non-hormonal actions. Here you can find only a small part of the advantages potentially triggered by birth control tablets:

Hormonal Contraceptives
  • Treatment of dangerous signs of polycystic ovary syndrome. The main problem at this point is the imbalance, which triggers other complications, such as skipped periods, ovarian cysts, obesity, infertility disorders, excess facial hair and related side effects. Contraceptives can fight the disorder;
  • Treating endometriosis. Patients who have got unbearable symptoms of endometriosis report significant relief after the therapy with hormonal contraceptives. Instead of suffering from disastrous complications, patients can decrease monthly uterine buildup, slow down the migration and spreading of uterine issues to other parts of the reproductive system. Consequently, birth control tablets can eliminate pain and minimize the risk for the reproductive tract;
  • Lowered risk of anemia. Weakness and abnormal fatigue is the result of anemia – excess loss of blood during periods. Taking contraceptives, you will shorten your periods making them lighter;
  • Decreased risk of certain cancer types. Patients, who are taking hormonal contraceptives regularly, show a considerably lower risk of endometrial and ovarian cancer development;
  • Improved skin condition. Combination contraceptives decrease testosterone concentration in your body, which means the condition of your skin and several other body parts will become better;
  • Decreased cramps. The pain you experience during menstrual periods will not bother you in case you take contraceptives. They will reduce prostaglandin production, preventing related complications.

Published by Evelyn Green