Changes in weight. Is there a reason for concern?

Millions of people in the whole world strive for keeping their weight within the norm. That’s why daily weighing is very important for them. Even half of a gained pound can make they worry about the effectiveness of their diet and workouts.

However, their concerns are absolutely groundless because weight fluctuations in healthy people are considered normal. So, how much can weight fluctuate? On average, you may gain from several grams to five or even ten pounds the same day.

Menstrual cycle

The retention of fluid before and during the periods is a common thing for the bulk of women. Besides, as the levels of progesterone and estradiol get higher before the menstruation, a woman may start eating more because of emotions. Binge and emotional eating in their turn become the reason for a weight gain.

However, there’s no need to worry because the situation will stabilize as soon as you reach the middle of the cycle.

how much can weight fluctuate

Water retention

An excess of sodium and salty foods in your diet can be the cause of increased water retention. Sodium holds the water within the body, and the process of its natural removal gets significantly slower. Besides, drinking much water may also add to the numbers on the scales. However, it doesn’t mean that you have to limit the amounts of water you drink because dehydration may do even worse.

Food you’ve eaten

The food we eat can also cause weight fluctuations. This is the main reason why it is better to step on the scales in the morning before you had breakfast. Nevertheless, such changes in weight don’t mean that it will stay with you forever. After the food is processed, you may get back to your usual numbers.

Intensive physical load

Increased physical activity is usually accompanied by sweating. Working in the garden on a hot day, an intensive workout, and even sex can make you sweat. This natural mechanism leads to dehydration and of course weight fluctuations. Having restored the electrolytes balance, your weight will also get back to the usual figures.

Published by Evelyn Green