Reasons for Female Belly Weight Gain

Slim waistline and flat tummy are the dreams of all women, irrespective of the age and other factors. However, the reality is frequently different, and the vast majority of women fight with excess belly weight throughout their lives. The disorder has not only a beauty background, but health one, too. An increased level of abdominal fat can serve the reason for appearance and aggravation of numerous chronic impairments, especially diabetes and heart-related disorders. Striving to preserve your health condition and eliminate possible risks, the patient should start with finding the cause of the condition occurrence rather than the way to deal with it. The effects of flat tummy diet, regular exercises and other actions will be only temporary in case you don’t eliminate the trigger.

So, here are the most commonly specified and noticed lifestyle and health factors that contribute to belly fat storage:

  • Sedentary lifestyle and absence of physical exercises. While active workout triggers the release of catecholamines (the hormone responsible for burning abdominal fat), a sedentary lifestyle is a key reason for increased fat storage. 30-60 minutes of daily exercises will help your combat belly fat and reduce its further storage. Consequently, you will not only improve your appearance and enhance self-confidence, but improve your overall health state and decrease the risk of development of various complications.
  • Poor diet is another factor that contributes greatly to the appearance of a belly. Excess calories, specifically from starch and sugar, enhance fat storage in your body. Instead, eating a high-protein diet will minimize abdominal fat, giving you an opportunity to achieve a flat tummy. According to the results of medical studies, carbs also play an inevitable role in the daily ration, so fruits, unprocessed whole grains, and legumes should be included in the menu.
  • Stress. While depression, anxiety, and stress are more typical of women rather than men, the problem of belly fat is also more common for females. Cortisol, the stress hormone, interferes with the fat storage, increasing the waistline, boosting cravings and appetite. At this point, enough sleep is important to balance hormone levels and set related processes under control.
  • Hormones. Estrogen, testosterone, and progesterone are important hormones, which influence female fat storage. While estrogen and progesterone limit the storage of body fat, testosterone is the exact hormone, which can drastically enhance the belly fat range.

Published by Evelyn Green