Magnesium Deficiency: Top 5 Symptoms

Hypomagnesemia, which is known as the lack of magnesium in the organism, is a serious health concern. The problem is not very common, but around 2-5% of the world population is diagnosed with the disorder. However, a significant part of sick people is underdiagnosed. Frequently, magnesium deficiency gets diagnosed the moment its symptoms become severe, while it is necessary to detect and treat the condition right at its beginning. Serious health complications, such as diabetes, chronic diarrhea, hungry bone syndrome, celiac disease, and others can appear. Watch your health condition in case you are susceptible to the condition development. Contact your doctor regularly to get timely diagnosis and treatment.

magnesium deficiency

Most Common Signs of Magnesium-Related Issues

While there is a range of mild to severe disorders, which are frequently associated with magnesium disorders, here you will find out top 5 most vivid and typical problems:

  • Mental complications. Mental impairments like apathy, depression, anxiety and similar issues frequently serve obvious symptoms of magnesium issues. Call your medical specialist and check your magnesium ranges in case you have noticed related signs combined with individual susceptibility;
  • Muscle cramps. Tremors, muscle cramps, and twitches are the common signs of magnesium deficiency, which can aggravate leading to convulsions and seizures. The mentioned disorder can be caused by a greater calcium flow into the nerve cells that hyperstimulates and overexcites the muscle nerves;
  • Muscle weakness and fatigue are known as other symptoms of the disorder. Myasthenia is the exact type of fatigue and muscle weakness, peculiar of magnesium deficiency;
  • Hypertension. Combined with a poor diet, lack of magnesium can result in ultimately high blood pressure.
  • Osteoporosis features enhanced risk of bone fracture and weak bones. Considering the disorders that can launch such issues, magnesium deficiency takes not the last position.

Published by Evelyn Green