How to take care of the grey hair

To look natural is a trend of several recent years. And what can be more natural than grey hair? Loss of color by the hair follicles is mostly predisposed by the heredity so if your mother turned grey in her 40s, you are very likely to look similar at the age.

In case you have chosen to avoid dyeing your hair and to go grey, following the laws of the mother-nature, you have no right to neglect the way your hair looks. Grey hair looks absolutely stunning only if it is well taken care of. Learn the list of some useful tips to help your hair look amazing.

Keep the hair moisturized

Grey hair is much drier than the one that has pigment in it. Hence, you have to do your best to make the hair look “alive”. Wash it with hydrating shampoos once in two days at the least. Besides, you have to apply moisturizing hair conditioner every time you wash the hair.

Use silicone-based masks and conditioners once a week for deep hair nutrition. Silicone will make it look shiny and less dry.

grey hair

Watch the color

Grey hair has a tendency to getting yellowish. To prevent it, use purple or blue-tint shampoos once or twice a month. These hair products will help to get rid of the dullness of hair and make your grey look perfect.

Protect prom the UV

Environment and the surrounding temperature may harm even pigmented hair, let alone grey. Being dryer, on the whole, grey hair needs to be well protected from the UV lights to stay shiny and moisturized. The market offers different shampoos and sprays with UV filters so use them on the regular basis especially during the warm time of the year.

Choose a modern hair cut

Being an owner of a grey head of hair, you risk looking like a granny. Even though you may actually be a granny, there’s no need to look like one. That’s why women are recommended to choose trendy hairstyles and be “on the edge” of hair fashion.

Another mattering thing about the grey hair is that you have to have your hair cut regularly, meaning not less than once in 6 or 8 weeks. Otherwise, you may look untidy.

Published by Evelyn Green