Top Methods to Deal with Menstrual Odor

Menstruation is an important phase of the cycle, which is characterized by the blood flow and specific odor. And it is a normal state of things. However, menstruation odor can be exceptionally annoying, creating discomfort for a woman and people around her.

While certain odors are pretty normal, including the iron tinge of the blood, the unpleasant smell triggered by the disruption of pH balance can be decreased with the help of simple products and everyday care.

Top 5 Ways to Prevent Body Odor during Menstruation

ways to prevent body odor

There are several effective and, at the same time, simple ways to prevent embarrassing odor during menstruation, including the following:

  • A healthy diet. Some people may not find the connection, but what you eat may presuppose the odors produced during menstruation. Therefore, it is important to get ready for periods by eating healthy. Avoid garlic, meat, eggs, and onions, as they can enhance the risk of experiencing unpleasant smells. Besides, various products rich in iron can aggravate the condition. Fruits and vegetables, instead, trigger a preferable influence on the organism and reduce unwanted odor.
  • Hygiene. Regular showering can be a great way to block excess odor. You cannot be too clean, so two showers a day is the minimal number, necessary for your convenience. Pay due attention to cleaning specific areas, including the vaginal zone and underarms. The modern market also offers a wide range of feminine wipes, deodorants and other products that help to clean up fast without spending much time. Baking soda may be a great home remedy, as it works absorbing both odor and moisture. Alcohol and white vinegar can help combat the body odor in the underarm zone.
  • Clothing. Loose and comfortable cotton clothes are exactly what you need for menstruation. Tight underwear encourages sweating that adds to the unwanted body odor. Denim and polyester blends don’t allow free airflow, which also has a negative impact.
  • Powders. While perfumes can be not the best choice, as they can create an even more unpleasant smell, talcum powder with a slightly noticeable fragrance can help absorb wetness and eliminate odor.

Published by Evelyn Green