Lady Era 100mg

Sildenafil for women helps to increase the sexual arousal and have satisfaction during intimacy.

Female Libido Enhancers Due In 2020

The challenges of female libido pharmacology

Sexual desire in women is traditionally considered an unpredictable matter, but few know that its lack can be as much of a symptom of an underlying disease as erectile failure in male patients. This… Continue reading

Female Viagra Vs Patches For Libido Boost

Female Viagra and hormonal patches: two options for female arousal disorder

Female libido is strongly influenced by hormonal variations and psychophysical transformations that every woman goes through at different stages of life. Problems increase in conditions of psychophysical vulnerability, when… Continue reading

Pre And Postpartum Depression, How To Avoid Them

Pre or post partum depression (also called perinatal depression) affects 16% of women facing maternity and only half is treated appropriately. This phenomenon, so undervalued and in many cases also unrecognized or untreated, can be remedied with prevention and with… Continue reading